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Class Demon ship
Propulsion Demon
Launched in the time of Nex
Status owned by Iranez of the Orb
Captain(s) Durvin Gest of old

Source: Two Pieces of Tarnished Silver

The Relentless was built as a warship by the shipbuilders of the archmage Nex and is powered by a demon, called Juval, bound to a glass lens within the ship. In the past, the Relentless was owned by the Pathfinder Durvin Gest. After that it lay forgotten until found by Iranez of the Orb in recent times, thus preserving what is now one of the last few demon ships. The ship moves on two sleek hulls looking like a catamaran, and seems to be built from smooth stone. It has two masts, but can be propelled without sail due to the bound demon that powers the ship.[1]


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