Nex (person)

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The symbol of the nation of Nex.

Wizard 20+
Disappeared in 576 AR (1,646 years old)
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 130–31 (1E)
World Guide, pg(s). 76 (2E)

The archmage Nex (pronounced NEKS)2 vanished from the nation that bears his name so long ago that he is now a myth to the citizens of that country.3


Nex was born during the Age of Destiny in -1070 AR. By -987 AR, he had taken control of the city-state of Quantium and named the surrounding region after himself. By -929 AR, the Southern Reaches that the pharaoh Kenaton had brought under Osirion's rule would be ceded to Nex, as well as newcomer and rival Geb and his nation (also called Geb).1

Nex travelled the world and the Great Beyond, and his private nation grew rich on the results of his adventures. In -892 AR, the expansion of the country of Nex brought it into conflict with the necromancer Geb, and the war between them lasted centuries as both wizards extended their lives through arcane elixirs. During the war, Nex created the fleshforges of Ecanus.45

Nex eventually achieved true immortality by creating a personal demiplane he called the Crux of Nex. He used a shard of the Crux to create the Spire of Nex as part of an unsuccessful siege of Absalom in 166 AR. He used another shard in Quantium to create the Refuge of Nex, to act as a bolthole if he was threatened by his enemies.45

Nex was a longtime enemy of the extremely powerful exiled fey eldest known as Count Ranalc. Ranalc disappeared around the time of the siege of Absalom, and the shadowy creatures Nex used during the siege may have been linked to Ranalc.6

In 563 AR, Nex gifted dominion over the isle of Jalmeray to the Vudrani maharaja Khiben-Sald.45

Some four thousand years ago, in 576 AR, Geb managed to bathe Quantium in a deadly fog, and Nex fled into the Refuge. He has never been seen since—and whilst thousands of other people have entered the Refuge since, none of those has ever emerged either.45


Nex enjoyed riddles and puzzles, and incorporated them in sites important to him.7


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