Remeka Abantiir

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Remeka Abantiir
Titles Madame
Alignment Chaotic good
Class Aristocrat 5 / Cleric 3
Gender Female
Homeland Magnimar
Deity Calistria

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 32

Madame Remeka Abantiir runs Magnimar's most exclusive brothel,[1] the House of Welcome. Her grandmother, Siobhani, turned the family villa into the brothel when she learned she was barren. However, two years later she became pregnant. Remeka is frustrated with being locked into this profession. At the very least she would like to earn enough money to build either a manor house or a new location for the House of Welcome. She is beginning to feel irrationally paranoid that the other noble families, who are her customers, are conspiring to prevent her from improving her position.[2]


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