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Robin D. Laws

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Robin D. Laws
Homepage Robin's Livejournal
Born October 14, 1964
Hometown Toronto, ON
Position Freelance contributor
Robin D. Laws is a writer and game designer who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His best-known work includes the role-playing games Over the Edge (with Jonathan Tweet), Feng Shui, Hero Wars, Jack Vance's The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game, GUMSHOE System and Dungeons & Dragons supplements such as Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells and Dungeon Master's Guide II. He has also authored or contributed to dozens of supplements for other RPGs, worked as co-designer on the Shadowfist collectible card game, contributed to the King of Dragon Pass computer game, and written several novels, among them Pierced Heart and The Rough and the Smooth. He is currently working on a new version of HeroQuest as well as products for 4th Edition D&D called Raiders Guild. He writes an irregular advice column for role-players called See Page XX.

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Blood of the CityBlood of the City 1208August 2012 BotC
Ironroot"The Ironroot Deception" 1106June 2011 WF14
Plague of Light 100800August 2010–February 2011 PoL
Plague of Light 1  • "On Glowing Wing" 100801August 2010 PF37 (70)
Plague of Light 2  • "Friends and Other Enemies" 1009September 2010 PF38 (72)
Plague of Light 3  • "The Condemned" 1011November 2010 PF39 (72)
Plague of Light 4  • "I Must Die" 1012December 2010 PF40 (72)
Plague of Light 5  • "Justice in the Ruins" 1101January 2011 PF41 (74)
Plague of Light 6  • "Sacrificial Rights" 1102February 2011 PF42 (72)
Sweet Ichor 0Sweet Ichor 130800August 2013–January 2014 SI
Sweet Ichor 1 • "The Prey" 130801August 2013 PF73 (74)
Sweet Ichor 2 • "The Prize" 130802September 2013 PF74 (76)
Sweet Ichor 3 • "The Site" 130803October 2013 PF75 (76)
Sweet Ichor 4 • "The Clinch" 131204December 2013 PF76 (76)
Sweet Ichor 5 • "The Turn" 130805January 2014 PF77 (76)
Sweet Ichor 6 • "The Steal" 130806February 2014 PF78 (76)
Treasure of Far Thallai 0The Treasure of Far Thallai 120400April–August 2012 ToFT
Treasure of Far Thallai 1 • "Hell Come Ashore" 120401April 2012 PF55 (74)
Treasure of Far Thallai 2 • "Butcher's Rock" 120402May 2012 PF56 (72)
Treasure of Far Thallai 3 • "League of Drowned Ghosts" 120403June 2012 PF57 (74)
Treasure of Far Thallai 4 • "Foes of Fin and Feather" 1207July 2012 PF58 (74)
Treasure of Far Thallai 5  • "Becalmed" 1207July 2012 PF59 (76)
Treasure of Far Thallai 6  • "Dead Slave Cove" 1208August 2012 PF60 (70)
Worldwound GambitThe Worldwound Gambit 1105May 2011 TWG
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