Saint Cuthbert's Mace

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Saint Cuthbert's Mace
(Magic item)
Aura Strong abjuration, conjuration,
and transmutation
Caster Level 20th
Type Major artifact
Slot None
Origin A world far from Golarion
Affiliation Saint Cuthbert

Source: Artifacts & Legends, pg(s). 41

Saint Cuthbert's Mace is a legendary artifact associated with Saint Cuthbert who lived on a world different and far from Golarion. Saint Cuthbert's Mace is teleported every year on 20th day of Pharast[1] to somewhere in the Great Beyond where it may be found in time by a hero to aid in smiting a major evil. While the mace is teleported without its current wielder, it does not abandon its wielder in a time of great need, even if it must delay its departure by a few days.[2]

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  1. Saint Cuthbert is based on the Anglo-Saxon monk, Cuthbert, who lived c. A.D. 634 – 20 March 687; 20th March is also the saint's feast day. 20th March translated to Golarion's calendar becomes 20th Pharast.
  2. F. Wesley Schneider. (2012). Artifacts & Legends, p. 41. Paizo Publishing, LLC. ISBN 978-1-60125-458-0