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Type Aberration
CR 16
Environment Any water

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 241

Scyllas are rare, nightmarish, half-mad aberrations that prey on ships and their crew. Due to their rarity, many consider them nothing more than tall tales told by drunken sailors.[1]


A scylla has the upper body of a beautiful woman, and a lower body of wolf heads and tentacles.[1]


There are many conflicting accounts of the scylla's origin: the result of demonic flesh-crafting and arcane experiments, a curse handed down by a vengeful deity, or the monstrous spawn of a mortal and a god.[1]


Scyllas dwell along major shipping lanes, often near coastlines, and lure entire ships to their doom. Though intelligent, they are consumed by hunger and self-loathing. They rarely use weapons, preferring to wield magic items on their two human-like hands.[1]


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