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Season of Ghosts Player's Guide

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Season of Ghosts Player's Guide
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24 pages
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October 2, 2023

Season of Ghosts Player's Guide, a Pathfinder Adventure Path player's guide by James Jacobs with additional writing by Sen H.H.S., was released on October 2, 2023, in support of the Season of Ghosts Adventure Path.

Your hometown is in peril, and needs you to come to its rescue!CW: Spiders

The remote town of Willowshore is nestled on the banks of the Ceiba River. Founded by religious pilgrims and host for a time to a bustling lumber business, in the first few years after the onset of the Age of Lost Omens, Willowshore's fate looks grim. Already faced with fears about political upheaval due to the collapse of the empire of Lung Wa, and fearful of rumors that monsters from the deeper reaches of Shenmen are preparing to seize control of the land, Willowshore is ill prepared for a horrific new curse about to engulf the region.

Your hometown is in peril, and needs you to come to its rescue!


How to Use This Guide

p. 3

  • What is the Season of Ghosts?
  • In the Year 7108
Character Suggestions

p. 5

  • Alignments
  • Ancestries
  • Classes
  • Faiths
  • Languages
  • Skills and Feats
  • Archetypes
  • Gear
  • Backgrounds
  • Home and Heirloom
  • Table: Suggested Character Options
Willowshore Gazetteer

p. 15

  • People of Willowshore
  • Willowshore Locations
  • Willowshore Hinterlands
  • Beyond the Hinterlands