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Sen.H.H.S. is a freelance writer who has contributed to Paizo Inc.

Pathfinder Credits

Adventure Credits

Title Date Notes
Goka"Goka" 2107 July 2021 Ready? Fight!, 60.
Against the Unliving 2212 December 2022 Pathfinder Bounty #21
Adventure Toolbox"Adventure Toolbox" 2301 January 2023 Fists of the Ruby Phoenix, 192.
Year of Unfettered Exploration 2308 August 2023 PFS 2e Season 5 Intro
Summer That Never Was, TheThe Summer That Never Was 2310 October 2023 Season of Ghosts #1
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Sourcebook Credits

Title Date Notes
Bestiary 3 2103 March 2021
Secrets of Magic 2109 September 2021
Grand Bazaar, TheThe Grand Bazaar 2110 October 2021
Guns & Gears 2110 October 2021
Monsters of Myth 2112 December 2021
Book of the Dead 2203 March 2022
Dark Archive 2207 July 2022
Treasure Vault 2302 February 2023
Firebrands 2303 March 2023
Highhelm 2306 June 2023
Rage of Elements 2308 August 2023 Cover credit
See also: Category:Works by Sen.H.H.S.

Sen.H.H.S. is a contributor to the upcoming Tian Xia Pathfinder Lost Omens books.1

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