Age of Lost Omens

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The Age of Lost Omens is one of the five major historical ages of the Inner Sea region, the beginnings and ends of which are marked by globally-significant events. It is the age in which we find ourselves today, having supplanted the Age of Enthronement in 4606 AR when the death of the god Aroden threw the entire planet into decades of turmoil and confusion.1

Aroden himself had prophesied thousands of years before that he would return on the cusp of mankind's greatest triumph and usher in the Age of Glory. His priests and followers calculated the supposed exact time of this event and prepared for it with lavish pomp. On the prophesied date, instead of his return, all contact to the god was lost and the world was devastated by terrible storms, the opening of vast planar rifts, and decades-spanning political upheavals. Since then, no major prophecy has come true, a condition for which historians have named the current era.23