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Sebastus Hustavan

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Sebastus Hustavan

Magistros (formerly)
Zyphus (formerly)
Source: Among the Living, pg(s). 9

Until 4708 AR, Sebastus Hustavan was the Taldan Emperor's consul for the fourth district of Oppara Prefecture.12 After being rescued by Pathfinders from a Zyphen assault on the House of the Immortal Son in 4708 AR, Taldan authorities demoted Hustavan so far that he eventually joined the cult that assaulted him.3


Hustavan is an old, thin human with pale skin and gray hair, and is well over 6 feet tall. His appearance is often described as frightening.123


An opera fan, Hustavan was quick to rely on the power that he believed others should attribute to him due to his role as consul to Stavian III. He might have been the most corrupt bureaucrat in Oppara—a distinction not easily achieved in the decadent capital—as he was been known to take bribes from foreign agents.12

After his fall, Hustavan fell in with the Zyphen cultists who attacked Oppara's famed House of the Immortal Son opera house. Though he survived, Stavian III's punishment was swift and severe: the former consul was stripped of his title of magistros, and in desperation he turned to the cult of Zyphus.3 He cooperated with the Pathfinder Society when the cult started to turn against itself, and Pathfinders retrieved him in exchange for information about the cult's plans and artifacts.45