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A broadsheet is a printed publication, also called a newspaper, designed to inform the public about local, current events, including politics, gossip, and business news. They are published in most large metropolises that have access to government-backed printing presses. Broadsheets printed on older engraved-plate printing presses can only be published once every few weeks, while those published on the much more expensive and complicated movable-type presses can be published daily. The average broadsheet costs around 6 silver pieces.1

When a broadsheet covers international news, it usually utilises divination magic or a magical messaging system.2

A newspaper printed on smaller paper than a broadsheet is known as a tabloid.3

Name Region Description
The Wealday Parchment Ravengro, Ustalav A weekly newspaper that covers local and sometimes national news.4
The Sennight Star Absalom Absalom's most popular and oldest broadsheet. Published weekly and covers local and government news and tame celebrity gossip.2
Eyes on Absalom Absalom Young illustrated tabloid swiftly growing in popularity. It reports on criminal, scandalous, and sadistic topics.2
Anon & Afar Absalom A monthly journal reporting on foreign news. Unlike other newspapers, Anon & Afar does not use magic to gather international information and goes much more in-depth about its topics.2
The Mother's Message Absalom A newspaper funded by House Damaq. It contains critical articles and reports on local and foreign news and rumors. It is openly critical about the Pathfinder Society's leaders.25
Ear to the Inner Sea Absalom A newspaper reporting on Inner Sea news.2
The Greenlift Post Eastgate, Absalom A newspaper that offers shoony-preferential employment benefits.2
The Kortos Quorum Starstone Isle A biweekly paper focused on Starstone Isle news, except Absalom's. It contains funny stories and publishes almanacs on a variety of subjects like farming, fishing, or forestry.2


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