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(City district)
Nation Absalom
Government Conventional (district council)
Leader Nomarch: Lord Ayunga of House Akkesh

Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 24–25

Eastgate, a city district of Absalom, lies on the far eastern portion of the walled city.[1] Eastgate is an almost entirely residential district, and many of its people work in other parts of the city. The district as a whole is quiet and orderly, in some part due to its nomarchLord Ayunga of House Akkesh—also being the captain of the local guard.[2]


South of Eastgate lies the Precipice Quarter, and to the west is the Merchants' Quarter.[1]

The eastern gate of Absalom, the Postern, is aptly located in Eastgate and is manned by the Post Guard.[2]

The tallest building in Eastgate is the Blue Tower, home to the Winged Sandals, an order of dedicated messengers.[3]