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From PathfinderWiki
Type Magical beast
CR 3
Environment Any land (jungles, swamps, or underground)

Source: Monster Codex, pg(s). 206

Serus are underground winged venomous snakes, allegedly created by Ydersius, with a special relationship with the serpentfolk.[1]


An adult seru is a snake that weighs approximately 20 pounds, with a body nearly three feet long and a pair of bat wings with a wingspan of five feet.[1]


Serus are ambush predators that track prey by scent and wear them down with their venomous spit. Against overwhelming foes, they prefer to hide among cavern rocks. A mated female seru lays two to five eggs every year, but many are eaten before they could hatch. Serus have an average life span of 25 years.[1]


Serus are intelligent enough to have their own culture, and many of them live entirely apart from the serpentfolk. Others are employed by serpentfolk as guards capable of quickly alerting their masters via telepathy; enter partnerships with degenerate serpentfolk as trackers and equal companions; or serve as the mouthpieces from purecaste serpentfolk to their degenerate minions.[1]