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The main square of the city of Mivon hosts a weekly gathering, called the Sevier, for swordsmen aged 16 to 60 who wish to duel in public and improve their reputation. Usually those who have established a high reputation tend to avoid the affair unless they have been specifically challenged to appear. In Sevier, anyone can challenge another individual to a public duel. The challengers appear, present themselves to the judges, and proclaim whom they wish to duel. The challengers have to deliver a formal insult in front of at least two witnesses. Usually the insult is calculated such as a duel to the death will not be required. The duels follow the rules of Mivoni dueling. The challenged picks the weapon and the two parties must agree on the victory conditions.[1][2]

The Aldori exiles in the kingdom of Mivon have formalized the status of their beloved dueling. One's status in Mivoni society is determined by the List of Suitors, a monthly publication that lists the results of the previous month's duels.[1]


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