Mivon (city)

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Large city
Human 86%, dwarf 6%, elf 6%, gnome 2%
Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 28-31

The city of Mivon is the capital of the kingdom of Mivon, the only large settlement in the area and the seat of government. It is a walled city built at the confluence of two major rivers: one reaching to Restov (the Shrike River1) and the other to New Stetven. Its stone walls have protected the city from a number of sieges, but their foundations constantly sink into the marsh that surrounds the city. The walls also contain granaries and livestock pens.2

The great Council Hall stands in the center of the town, and is itself surrounded by stronger walls. The market square surrounds the Council Hall. Most of the buildings are made of wood and are no more than two stories high. Most visitors that are just passing through, stay in the ramshackle huts of the lower quarter. Half the houses here are brothels, gambling dens, drug parlors, and worse. Three different local gangs, the Fast Fallen, the River's Edge Cutters, and the Half-Deads fight for control over the quarter.2

The main square of the city of Mivon hosts a weekly gathering, called the Sevier, for swordsmen aged 16 to 60 who wish to duel in public and improve their reputation.34

The nine great Aldori Houses and their holdings create a wide ring around the city. Each of the larger families has constructed its own keep of stone or wood on the hills.2

The city has a large fishing industry that specialises in catching eels in the pools surrounding the city. It is said that many of the eels have tasted human flesh due to the violent nature of the city, and the phrase "a walk to the fishponds" has a very sinister meaning as the person normally does not return.5


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