List of Suitors

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The List of Suitors is a monthly publication in the city of Mivon in River Kingdoms. It lists the results of previous month's duels and has become the backbone of the Mivon society. The Aldori exiles in Mivon have formalized the status of their beloved dueling. The status of an individual in Mivon is determined by the List of Suitors. Governmental positions are won or lost, fortunes rise or fall, marriages are offered, and scores are settled by means of formal duels. The main square of the city of Mivon hosts a weekly gathering, called the Sevier, for swordsmen aged 16 to 60 who wish to duel in public and improve their reputation. Usually those who have established a high reputation tend to avoid the affair unless they have been specifically challenged to appear.12

The social system of Mivon is a meritocracy. The ruler of Mivon, the Aldori swordlord Raston Selline claims that the city will pass to the hands of a challenger that will fight his way up the List of Suitors and defeat him in a duel.3

Non-Aldori who achieve a rank in the List of Suitors may be offered Aldori training.1