Shadowy lurker

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Shadowy lurker
Shadowy lurker

Any land (usually urban)
Source: Gallery of Evil, pg(s). 26-28

Shadowy lurkers are undead spirits of darkness that were once celebrated elven artisans.


Betrayed by their own pride, shadowy lurkers were tricked ages ago by the fey of the First World and bound away into shadow. Twisted by their hatred and loneliness, they were transformed into stunted, shadowy versions of their former selves. In time they discovered portals back to the real world.

Ironically, these "portals" were in fact the paintings they had crafted so many centuries before, collected in galleries all across Golarion. Obsessed with their lost lives, the shadowy lurkers found their own works and jealously guarded them from being seen by lesser beings. Over time, the shadowy lurkers have learned to manipulate the minds of people in the same ways they once played with paint and brush. Masters of light and illusion, they can be a deadly trap for the unsuspecting art enthusiast.1


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