Signing Day

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Signing Day is a Chelish holiday, dating back to the height of the empire. Observed on the second Oathday of Rova, this is the day on which new laws in the empire took effect. The significance of this day expanded over many years until imperial marriages, significant business arrangements and oaths of fealty were all conducted on this day.

Originally, the holiday began as a celebration of the mutual-defense pact between Cheliax, Isger, Galt and Andoran when the united nations threw off the shackles of Taldor, declaring themselves independent from the empire. Observances of the holiday vary, but often include firework displays, feats of strength, and public debates to showcase speaking and rhetorical skills.[1]

As Cheliax degenerated to civil war and diabolism after 4606 AR, blood pacts and infernal contracts also began to be signed on this day. As a result of Cheliax's new affiliation, Andoran and Galt began to distance themselves from Cheliax and the original interpretation of the holiday. In Andoran it continues to be the day that most national laws take effect as well as being a traditional day of marriage, and the date on which new Steel Falcons are inducted.[citation needed]