Steel Falcons

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Steel Falcons
A member of the Steel Falcons.

Advancement of the ideals of Andoran
For another meaning of "Steel Falcons", please see Steel Falcon.

The most well-known of the three Eagle Knight branches, the Steel Falcons are renowned for their bold and ambitious actions outside of Andoran, and famous for attacking slave galleons and liberating slaves throughout the Inner Sea region. Responsible for the advancement of the country's ideals (through both battle and diplomacy), this order is seen by many is the spiritual vanguard of the renowned Eagle Knights. They spread their ideology by any means necessary, be it coercing a foreign dignitary into giving up critical information, staging bold raids on slave ships, or subversively orchestrating rebellion in hated Cheliax.1

All Steel Falcons keep upon their person a small stylized falcon figurine, colored blue.2

Gray Corsairs

The Gray Corsairs are the organization's naval arm. Among the most skilled sailors of the Inner Sea, they fly no flag while at sea, hide their ships along the shoreline, and raid slavers. When attacking a flotilla, they rescue all of the slaves that they can, and then either teach the freed slaves how to sail the emancipated vessels or sink them. Rumor has it that the ships of the Gray Corsairs are the fastest on the sea, a story probably made true by the wizards and priests of the sky that propel the ships forward with arcane and divine magic.3

In 4722 AR, Supreme-Elect Andira Marusek charged the Corsairs with aiding the Badawi villagers, freed slaves, and Firebrands participating in the Katapeshi Revolt.4


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