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Type Outsider
CR Varies
Environment Dimension of Time
Alignment Varies

Source: Runeplague, pg(s). 91

Siktemporas are a group of outsiders born from emotions that congeal within the Dimension of Time.[1]


Siktemporas can form in the Dimension of Time in two ways. When a dead creature comes back as undead, its thoughts and emotions can remain and stain the time of death, and once enough stains accumulate at one point in spacetime, a siktempora will form. When a creature interferes with the flow of time by travelling into the past or future, it can stain time with its full emotional history, creating dozens of siktemporas across the Dimension of Time.[1]


Most siktemporas never leave the Dimension of Time, and bask in the emotions that gave birth to them within mindscape-like fugues. Outside of the Dimension of Time, they are only encountered when summoned by ancient, obscure magic. The one exception is the misery siktemporas, the most common type of siktempora, who alone enjoy travelling from the Dimension of Time to the Material Plane to spread misery.[1]


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