Misery siktempora

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Misery siktempora

The misery siktempora is the most common species of siktempora. Misery siktemporas are born from misery, personify silent suffering, and are the only siktempora species that are often encountered outside the depths of their home plane, the Dimension of Time.1


A misery siktempora resembles the armless torso of a slender human clad in black rags, supported by six long spidery legs, each ending in a claw. Its miserable-looking face has no ears, mouth, or nose, while its eyes are empty, black, and constantly trail black tears.1


Misery siktemporas are constantly wracked in agony and are almost immune to outside pain. Incapable of feeling any emotions other than self-loathing and despair, they often leave the Dimension of Time to take revenge on their creators and propagate misery. Misery siktemporas cannot return to their home plane afterwards without help, but only seek to spread their misery once they have left.12


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