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Type Monstrous humanoid
Environment Nystra
Adjective Silkgoyle

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 33

A silkgoyle, or silk gargoyle, is an insect-like gargoyle. In their youth, they grow man-sized silkworm caterpillars that feed on mulberry, but then change into their adult form, which is more like a traditional gargoyle, with similar cold and cruel behaviors. Silkgoyle silk is considered to be of the best quality. An adult silkgoyle is of sapient intelligence, sufficient to work with others to seek independence from captivity for themselves and their offspring. Silkgoyles are especially prominent in the Nystra forest in the eastern River Kingdoms, but may exist elsewhere. A silkgoyle is resistant, if not immune, to the effects of a yellow musk creeper, or at least the more aggressive purple-flowered mutant variety that thrives in the Nystra area.[1]


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