Yellow musk creeper

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Yellow musk creeper

Temperate or warm forests
or underground
Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 285

A yellow musk creeper is a deadly plant found in places where death is common, like well-known battle grounds and cemeteries. They procreate by targeting nearby humanoids with their pollen spray, causing their victims to become temporarily entranced. These unfortunate souls stumble helplessly towards the plant until they are close enough for it to insert its tendrils, which drill into the brain and turn them into yellow musk zombies.1

On Golarion

Yellow musk creepers can grow in a wide variety of climates, although they generally prefer temperate or warm forests,1 and for some strange reason, moist, underground environments.23 They have been spotted in such divergent locations as the Mwangi Expanse,4 and the Inner Sea coastal regions near the former Chelish capital of Westcrown.5


A particularly potent, purple-colored yellow musk creeper was bred by the druid Tharl Grimull in the River Kingdoms town of Nystra about a century ago. He used it to enact his revenge against the townsfolk who had murdered a member of his family. The plant, with the help of Grimull's silkgoyle allies, killed the entire settlement. The mutated creeper still lives in the ghost town of Nystra to this day.6

The Tangle

A gigantic, intelligent yellow musk creeper has been reported to live in the mythical city of Xin-Shalast in Varisia's Kodar Mountains. There, in an area known as the Tangle, it has created its own ecosystem in the presence of humidifying hot springs and mineral-rich soil. It is served by a tribes of fungal creatures, such as vegepygmies.2