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Silk is a natural fiber that can be woven into textiles. It is typically produced by certain insects,1 such as silkworms2 and silk gargoyles.23 It is often produced by boiling insectoid cocoons, unraveling their filaments, spinning them into reels of thread, dying the thread into colors as desired, and weaving the thread into fabric.2 Other sources include spiders (as well as giant spiders) and other arachnids.45

On Golarion

The markets of Niswan likely sell locally produced silk from one of the city's several silk mills.

Silk is or has been produced or sold in many parts of Golarion, including:

Bolts of silk cloth can vary widely in value, from 120 to 140 gold pieces for fine specimens,23 to 75 gp as trade goods,24 to as little as 10 gp in storage.25

Silk fabric is used to make fine clothing and bedding,262728 Varisian dancing scarves,4 rope,29 upholstery,3031 tents,32 tapestries,11 curtains,333431 carpets,14 ship's sails,3536 bowstrings,37 and is even used in the colorful banners that fly from the roofs of Niswan's buildings.38 Its uniquely sensual texture also makes it a popular material for corsets and courtesans' outfits.39

In trade

Red silk flags demarcate the Red Silk Route through The Coins district of Absalom.40

Aren is a silk merchant who may sometimes be found trading in Dimayen, in southern Qadira.41

In poisons

An adhesive produced by spider silk glands can be used as a binding agent in some poisons.42

Magical generation

A sea silk shell can generate magical silk cloth, sails, and garments woven from pen shells.43

Creature associations

Jorogumos can take the form of silk-shrouded humanoids.44


Silk production is described in detail within the Pathfinder Module Cult of the Ebon Destroyers.

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