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Titles Lady of White Flowers
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Miengu
Gender Female
Homeland Katapesh

Source: The End of Eternity, pg(s). 83

The sole protector of the beautiful oasis known as the Garden of White Flowers Sismosishea is also known as the Lady of White Flowers. Sismosishea is a powerful but rare type of fey known as a miengu and is legendary enough to have been sung about by the world famous marid bard known as Shazathared.[1] In Shazathared's tale the Lady of White Flowers single handily slays thirteen goblins she catches despoiling her oasis[2] showing her legendary wrath for those who damage the Garden. While she welcomes beasts and fellow fey and even those humanoids who show proper reverence for the Garden of White Flowers (normally druids or rangers) she is a merciless foe to those who would destroy any of her children. Unfortunately as her fey she considers all natural life within the Garden as her children including the small and very delicate flowers that the garden is named for.[1]