Sojira Zafir

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Sojira Zafir
Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Human (Keleshite)
Class Bard 7
Gender Female
Homeland Qadira
Organization Pathfinder Society

Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 30

Venture-Captain Sojira Zafir has a colorful tale of how she became a Pathfinder. Sojira is a Qadiran noblewoman betrothed to a powerful sheik. Before her wedding could be contracted, Sojira enacted an antiquated custom that allows her to experience the world in a grand journey that ends with a cleansing of sins. So far, the journey has not reached its end.[1]

As one of her many experiences, Venture-Captain Zafir has joined the Pathfinder Society. She has traveled throughout Garund, unveiled and immodest, indulging in the vices such as drinking, cursing, and carousing. She is a notorious flirt. Some are concerned that her wild behavior, while the stuff of Pathfinder ledgend, may provoke her fiancé into ordering her death to avenge his honor.[1]


Sojira is an attractive Keleshite woman with dark hair and eyes. Her dazzling smile and laughter are easily remembered.[1]