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A solstice is an astronomical phenomenon marking the day with the longest (summer solstice) or shortest (winter solstice) period of daylight on a hemisphere of Golarion. The date of the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere is the date of the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere, and vice versa.1

Several holidays are celebrated on the summer solstice, which is also known as the estival solstice or midsummer. This includes the biannual Desnan Ritual of Stardust,2 the Chelish Days of Wrath,3 and the Sarenite Sunwrought Festival.2

The winter solstice is also known as the hibernal solstice or midwinter. Holidays celebrated on the winter solstice include the Shelynite holy day of Crystalhue, the biannual Desnan Ritual of Stardust,2 and the Chelish Days of Wrath.3


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