Sorry Excuse

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The Sorry Excuse is a cheap inn outside the Twisted Door in the Hospice district of Kaer Maga in Varisia.12


The rowdy building has rooms to let at very low prices, but almost everything else one might want in a rented room costs extra coin, including a room with a window, a mattress, bathing basins, and candles.12 Anyone who complains about the extra costs is given a short talk by the inn's bouncer, Gurd, which usually ends the discussion. The owner, Harmon Fisk, uses his profits to subsidize the price of ale in the tavern room, so that the inn has a boisterous crowd almost every night.2


On 3 Desnus, 4707 AR, Pathfinder Eando Kline stayed a night at the Sorry Excuse while climbing the Storval Rise.1