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Eando Kline

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Eando Kline
Eando Kline, ca. 4709 AR.

Rogue 6 / Sorcerer 1 / Bard 5
Source: The Thousand Fangs Below, pg(s). 60–61 (1E)
Lost Omens Pathfinder Society Guide, pg(s). 39 (2E)

Eando Kline (pronounced ee-AN-do)1 is a renowned Pathfinder and leader of its Vigilant Seal faction.23 While distrustful of the Pathfinder Society's leadership, he works within the organization to reform it while mentoring new members.3


Kline is a Taldan human man with brown hair, a full beard, and a scar over his eye gained in a fight with his rival Arnois Belzig.3


Early career and resignation

Eando Kline, ca. 4709 AR.

Kline, under orders from Venture-Captain Shevala Iorae of Absalom, spent much of 4707 and 4708 AR traveling throughout Varisia and the Darklands, following a mysterious aeon stone. His adventure took him from Magnimar to Kaer Maga, through Korvosa and the Cinderlands, all the way to Urgir in the Hold of Belkzen. There, Kline gained access to the Darklands, which eventually led him to a lost serpentfolk city. Fearing the discovery would be disastrous if revealed, Eando raced rival Pathfinder agent Arnois Belzig down the Sellen River to Absalom, hoping to prevent the location of the city from being published in the Pathfinder Chronicles. When his pleas failed to sway the stoic Decemvirate, Kline resigned from the Pathfinder Society.345 His resignation in part inspired the creation of the reformist Shadow Lodge faction within the Society.6

Journeys and imprisonment

In subsequent years he was spotted by Pathfinder field agents in the port city of Azir in Rahadoum, and journeyed south from Absalom to Ilmurea.5

Return to the Society

Recent Society reforms and diplomatic outreach led to his conditional return in 4719 AR. Kline demanded the ability to balance the Society's reform efforts by tempering its desires to explore and publish their findings, and was named the leader of its new Vigilant Seal faction toward those efforts.3

As part of this effort to rein in the Society's pursuit of potentially dangerous lore and artifacts, he is particularly interested in rumors of potentially reckless actions by the Grand Archive faction and its leader, Sorrina Westyr.7


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