Spherical Boat of Zutha

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Spherical Boat of Zutha
(Magic item)
Aura (1E) Overwhelming necromancy and transmutation
Caster Level (1E) 25th
Type Major artifact
Slot (1E) None
Origin Gastash, Thassilon
Affiliation Zutha

Source: The City Outside of Time, pg(s). 73
Spherical Boat of Zutha
Keel 100 ft.
Beam 20 ft.
Propulsion Magic
Launched Age of Legend
Captain(s) Zutha

Source: The City Outside of Time, pg(s). 73

The Spherical Boat of Zutha is a spherical artifact of wood and metal about three inches in diameter that can unfold into a boat and vice versa. It was created by Runelord Zutha to transport food to his citizens in times of peace and soldiers during war.[1]


When folded from boat to sphere form, everything inside the ship is trapped inside. Trapped creatures do not need food or drink and do not age, but the ship randomly kills one of them each month. Due to the sin magic that Zutha used to create it, the Spherical Boat of Zutha's presence can be felt by necromancers and gluttonous individuals.[1]


The Spherical Boat was buried in the ruins of Xin-Gastash after Earthfall and has had a few owners since it was unearthed.[1]


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