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Weapon caliber

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A diagram illustrating relative firearm projectile types and sizes.

The size of a firearm's bore, known as its caliber, can be defined in terms of three different units.

  • The largest of Alkenstar's siege weapons, such as the Great Maw of Rovagug, can be measured in 3-inch stones (S).
  • The next smaller unit is ¼-inch pebble (P), with 12 pebbles to a stone.
  • Finally, a pebble constitutes 24 grains (G), the smallest unit of ballistic bore measurement.

While many personal firearm bullets are 1P in size or greater, the grain is a more common unit of measure since few of them are an even pebble in size.[1]

Size in ... S P G Inch
Stone (S) 1 12 288 3
Pebble (P)  0.083 1/12 1 24 0.25 1/4
Grain (G) 0.003472 1/288 0.0417 1/24 1 0.010417 1/96