Great Maw of Rovagug

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The Great Maw of Rovagug.

The Great Maw of Rovagug is the second-largest bombard ever constructed, measuring 81 inches in diameter, boasting a range of eight to nineteen miles, and firing three-ton shells capable of leaving a 60-foot crater on impact. Manufactured by the Gunworks of Alkenstar around 4500 AR, this massive cannon has been fired only twice as of 4709 AR: the first as a demonstration, and the second to ward off three rampaging sandkrakens headed for the city.

Despite its lack of frequent use, the Great Maw is ever-ready, built into the face of the Hellfallen Cliffs overlooking the approach to Alkenstar through the Mana Wastes. After being fired, 14 men must spend a full hour to reload it.

These days, the bombard is used to deter giant incursions from the mountains to the west, or a second invasion by the Gorilla King.12


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