Stroud Sisters

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Stroud Sisters
Type Hag coven
Leader Demelza
Alignment Chaotic evil (assumed)
Headquarters Ditches, River Kingdoms
Scope Local
Structure Coven
Members Elspeth, Mairghread

Source: Classic Horrors Revisited, pg(s). 38

The Stroud Sisters are a coven of green hags who live in the Ditches in the River Kingdoms. They are three triplets from an ogre father, named Demelza (the matriarch), Elspeth, and Mairghread. They were stillborn but somehow recovered, and the near-death experience has given them power over the undead.

They seek to breed with any available males and have no compunctions about incest. As a result, they now have a brood of over a dozen ogrekin. They also have a marsh giant minion they call Brother Grunt.

The sisters prey on travellers and marsh dwellers, and take a particular delight in tormenting the exiled nobles of nearby Gralton.[1]


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