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Little Galt
Source: People of the River, pg(s). 10

Small city
Human 90%, halfling 7%, aiuvarin 2%, other 1%
Governor and council
Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 16ff.'

The inhabitants of Gralton consist almost entirely of people who have fled the ongoing revolution (some would say anarchy) in Galt. Many of those who have fled to Gralton are the old nobility of Galt. Deposed and fallen from grace, they desperately seek any means to regain what they have lost, be it by sponsoring counter-revolutionary activity, or sending parties of hapless adventurers back into Galt to search for family heirlooms left behind in the rush to escape the guillotine's blade. As the desperation of the deposed nobility grew, Gralton began to attract con-artists and tricksters. These tried to hustle the desperate nobility by offering quick fixes and false hope.1 The town has two notable temples: one to the drunken hero deity, Cayden Cailean,2 the other to the Vengeful Sting, Calistria. In fact, many suspect the people of Gralton to be possessed by some spirit of Calistria. So bent on vengeance against Galt are they, that many see divine intervention in their hate-filled eyes.1


Governor Marnius Cherlorne is the public face of Gralton, but he shares equal power with five council members. Council members serve for life and are responsible for appointing the governor, as well as new council members. Aside from Governor Cherlorne, the best known politician is the councilor, Lady Dela Morgayn, who also serves as head of the diplomatic Wise Society.3

Foreign relations

Consisting of many exiled Galtan nobles, there is an animosity between Galt and Gralton. Even before Galt collapsed as a unified nation, the nation had a tendency to annex nearby lands in the River Kingdoms, and Gralton was often the first target. To combat this threat, the lords of Gralton quietly supply mercenaries and bandits to defend the land from their eastern neighbour, although they are careful to keep this arrangement secret lest it escalate hostilities.4

Gralton has a good relationship with most other River Kingdoms. Gralton holds a seat in the Outlaw Council and their champions attend the annual Rushlight Tournament in Pitax in order to win fame and wealth for the struggling nation.5

The nation of Kyonin traditionally avoids any entanglement with the fickle River Kingdoms, but Gralton is something of an exception to the rule. With a deep interest in reclaiming the Sevenarches, Kyonin has bought allies and made alliances with a number of important people in Gralton. These alliances have not resulted in much as of yet, but both sides are hopeful of profiting from the situation in the near future.6


The citizens of Gralton gather in secret societies of like-minded individuals to discuss their plans to reclaim Galt. Some of them prepare armies to invade their homeland while others prefer to use diplomacy and bribery. The most prominent societies are:

Gralton's government also established a counterespionage organization, the Citizen's Directorate.7

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