Takakazu Ikeda

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Takakazu Ikeda
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Dhampir
Class Mesmerist [cult master] 10
Gender Male
Homeland Sakakabe Province, Minkai
Deity Naderi
Organization Circle of Despair,
Whispering Way

Source: Eulogy for Roslar's Coffer, pg(s). 75

Takakazu Ikeda is a charming Minkan socialite and son of a powerful samurai; however, he is secretly a nihilistic, heretical follower of Naderi drawn into the Whispering Way. He believes a dead world to be the pinnacle of beauty and tranquillity, and seeks out depressed, impressionable youths, inviting them to secret meetings and gently urging them to commit suicide through Naderi's teachings. He currently operates in Sakakabe Province, and is planning to expand his operations across the entire nation. Takakazu has been leveraging his status as the son of an influential samurai to prevent authorities, who have grown suspicious of him, from actually investigating.[1]


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