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Flag of Minkai
Titles Empire of Dawn;
the Land of the Three Fires;
Minkai Empire
Alignment Lawful neutral
Capital Kasai
Ruler Jade Regent
Government Imperial regency served by regional governors
Demonym Minkai
Adjective Minkan or Minkai
Languages Minkaian, Tien
Religions Daikitsu, Desna, Fumeiyoshi, General Susumu, Hei Feng, Irori, Shelyn, Shizuru, Tsukiyo, Yamatsumi

Source: Tide of Honor, pg(s). 62-67

The Minkai Empire can be found on the continent of Tian Xia. It formed in 3619 AR, following the victory of the Minkai army over the forces of the Teikoku Shogunate at the Battle of Eight Bridges three years earlier. As the old capital of Uddo was razed during the war, a new capital was established in the city of Kasai, where it has remained ever since.[1]

Current events

After more than 1,000 years of relative internal peace, Minkai is close to exploding into all-out civil war. Many of the smaller islands once controlled by the empire have recently declared their independence. The successor to the Sakura Throne, Emperor Shigure Higashiyama, was imprisoned in 4705 AR by the Higashiyama clan at their compound near the edge of the capital, supposedly to protect him. It is due to the clan's strength that war has not broken out already, but there is a growing movement to release the Higashiyama's hold on the emperor, either by freeing or by killing him.[2] The family clan has replaced Shigure Higashiyama with a temporary ruler to quell the instability arising in the country, called the Jade Regent, who is, however, proving quite unpopular.[3]


The cities, provinces, and regions of Minkai

Minkai consists of eight provinces each ruled by an imperial governor who is responsible for ensuring the emperor's rule is upheld. The provinces grew from the influence on the hinterland of the major cities of the country; each province is named after its city and the city is its capital and seat of power. Additionally, there are three regions of Minkai which are more independent and fall outside of the sway of an imperial governor. The cities, provinces and regions of Minkai, then, are as follows:[4]

The eight cities with provinces

Three regions

Other cities


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The main geographical features of Minkai and its immediate surroundings are:[6]

Coasts and peninsulas

Higashita Coast
Ikkaku Peninsula


Forest of Spirits
Seseragi Forest


Aogaito Island


Lake Tsukishizuku


Osogen Grasslands

Rivers and springs

Awahana River
Chijonami River
Jikko River
Kamiteki River
Kosokunami River
Mekkyo River
Sakehiyaku River
Seven Venoms Springs
Tagiryu River
Warashi River



Seas and sea areas

Aokori Gulf
Ningyo Gulf
Okaiyo Ocean
Sorui Gulf
Xidao Gulf


Kamifushi Mountains
Kyojin Mountains
Mount Kazunan
Mount Kumijinja
Mount Yogan
Sankyodai Mountains
The Three Fires


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The deities of Minkai include the goddess Shizuru, from whom former Emperor Shigure claims descent.[7]