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Absalom article organization

As much as I would love to grow our article count by making an individual article for Primarch, Grand Council and Seal of Office (or Cornucopia), I also recognize that having clear article trees and overview articles helps the wiki be more useful without requiring tons of clicking and navigation from topic to topic. I checked out Waterdeep on the Forgotten Realms wiki to see how they did it. Their article tree in terms of government is as follows:

  • Waterdeep (city) - includes header on government
    • Lords of Waterdeep - includes header on Open Lord
      • History of Open Lord of Waterdeep

So we've got minimal information on the main page with a much longer article that branches into another smaller article. The result is that there are still more articles but they exist in a clear tree.

So what I'm wondering is, should we set a precedent and try to do something similar with the Absalom article? Should I make Absalom/Government and include or rephrase what I already have from the main article with headers for Primarch and Grand Council, maybe even one on the Cornucopias, each of which would then lead to their own articles, to be added when the Guide to Absalom is incorporated? Or should I go ahead and make them each their own article now?

Also, it bears mentioning given the discussion on naming conventions of subpages, that FRwiki does not use the root/subpage naming convention. --yoda8myhead 19:09, 11 July 2009 (UTC)

I'd say put the tree structure in place now with Absalom/Government, and leave the individual articles for when someone adds information from the GtA, should the information be sufficient for unique articles.
In answer to the also, the FR Wiki may not use them consistently but they do make use of the Parent/Subpage article format: Template:Cite book/Cloak & Dagger, Template:Person/doc, and User:Zerak-Tul/Sandbox. In all honesty, I've not seen a project that doesn't use in some capacity. -- Heaven's Agent 21:09, 11 July 2009 (UTC)