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I've been playing tabletop RPGd since 1998, when a friend introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons during a scouting trip (or more precisely, during the ten hour drive to the summer camp). I hold a BAS with an emphasis of management technologies, and am currently at the MLIS program at Saint Catherine University, in St. Paul, MN.

I am an avid hobby games enthusiast with my primary interests in the Pathfinder RPG and various board games. I also dabble in digital art, working primarily on pieces featuring scenes drawn from my game campaigns, as well as player characters from the MMORPG's that I've played (City of Heroes/Villains, World of Warcraft, EQII, Warhammer Online, and most recently Star Wars: The Old Republic).

Areas of interest

Pathfinder Online

I'm very interested in the direction design decisions of Pathfinder Online, the Sandbox MMORPG that will be developed by Goblinworks, Inc. I've been searching for a quality fantasy sandbox title for some time now, and I'm looking forward to exploring what the game will have to offer. I am a member of the Goblin Squad and look forward to seeing the tech demo in the near future.

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