Talvien Graymard

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Talvien Graymard
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Revenant; was Elf
Class Was Ranger
Gender Male
Homeland Virlych, Ustalav

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 35

Talvien Graymard was once an elven ranger but is now a vengeful undead creature called a revenant.[1]


Today, Graymard looks little more than a skeletal corpse, with barely any of his flesh still hanging from his bones.[1]


Graymard seeks to enact revenge against Gildais, the seneschal of the Whispering Tyrant, for the murder of Graymard's family. He failed originally in his quest for justice, as Gallowspire was sealed and Tar-Baphon's armies were defeated before Graymard could get to Gildais. Nevertheless, Graymard continues his search suspecting Gildais is hiding somewhere in Virlych. He attacks and destroys any undead or living servants of the Whispering Tyrant or agents of the Whispering Way he meets. However, he does not kill indiscriminately: he is known to disguise his undead self to recruit non-cultists to his quest for achieving that goal is above all else.[1]


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