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{{Golariondate}} formats a month and year in standard Absalom Reckoning format: the numeric date, followed by the day of the week, the month, and the year.


| day   = 
| date  = 
| month = 
| year  = 
| showholiday = 

All parameters are optional. If invoked without parameters, {{Golariondate}} displays today's real-world date translated into Absalom Reckoning, per the Canon Policy.

date (optional)
The number of the day. Default is the Golarion equivalent of today's date. To prevent the date from displaying, omit this parameter.
day (optional)
The number (ie. 1) or text (ie. Moonday) of the day. Default is the Absalom Reckoning equivalent of today's real day. To prevent the day from displaying, pass the day as an empty parameter.
month (optional)
The number (ie. 12) or name (ie. Kuthona) of the month. Default is the Golarion equivalent of today's month.
year (optional)
The number of the year. Default is the Golarion equivalent of today's year (this year + 2700).
showholiday (optional)
If there's a holiday associated with the day, list it after the full date. Otherwise, leave blank.


| day   = 4
| date  = 1
| month = Abadius
| year  = 4715
| showholiday = yes

Oathday, 1 Abadius, 4715 ARFoundation Day (Absalom), Pjallarane Day (Irrisen)

Convert an arbitrary real-world Earth date to AR

The special subtemplate {{Golariondate/current}} converts a specific numeric date, month, and four-digit Gregorian calendar year to Absalom Reckoning. This simply does the math of adding 2,700 years to the current year, then applies it to the {{Golariondate}} template — this template can't determine the day of the week on its own, so by default it doesn't output a day of the week unless one is specified.


| day = }}


To convert January 1, 2015, into its equivalent date on Golarion:


1 Calistril, 4715 AR

To show a day of the week, you must provide it as the optional day parameter:


Fireday, 1 Calistril, 4715 AR

Remember that {{Golariondate/current}} is only for dates you specify. To always show and convert whatever today's date is, simply use {{Golariondate}} without any parameters. (And this does provide the day of the week by default, because that's easy to provide via MediaWiki.)


Starday, 13 Arodus, 4722 AR

If you want today's date converted but don't want to list the day of the week, provide day without a value:


13 Arodus, 4722 AR

Show the holidays of a Golarion date

To only list the holidays associated with a Golarion date, use the {{Golariondate/holidays}} subtemplate, which takes the same month and date parameters as {{Golariondate}}.


| month = 1
| date  = 1
Foundation Day (Absalom), Pjallarane Day (Irrisen)