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Pathfinder Second Edition content
This page covers a help topic that is relevant to the Pathfinder campaign setting only in the context of Pathfinder Second Edition or Pathfinder Lost Omens.

{{Spell}} is used as the infobox on any Pathfinder First Edition or Pathfinder Second Edition spell page.

{{Spell2e}} is the root for a series of useful templates for aiding completion of the "tradition" parameter of that {{Spell}} template.

In 2E, each spell can be a member of one or more of the four magical traditions: arcane, divine, occult, and primal. {{Spell2e}} provides several templates that can be used within {{Spell}} template under the parameter "| tradition = " that will:

  1. fill in the infobox detail correctly;
  2. autocategorise the spell page regarding the tradition categories needed.


Next to the the parameter "| tradition = ", you can add {{Spell2e/****}} and use the lower-case initial of the traditions you need to add to the infobox, in the order "adop", without any spaces or other characters, replacing "****".

Available templates

The following templates are available to cover all requirements for combinations of traditions a spell may require and are collected in Category:Inline templates: