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Use {{Yearbox}} on any page representing a year in Golarion history. It is designed to provide quick links to five years in the immediate past and future. In the case where there are entries for every year, it will automatically provide these links, but for situations where there are not entries for each year (such as long in the past when nothing notable happened in many individual years), manual overrides can be provided to give the five closest past and future years with events to note.

Basic Usage

You must include the year on the template, despite the year number being in the article title. You should provide the year in Absalom Reckoning. Don't include the "AR" in the year—only the number is necessary.

|age  = Age of Lost Omens
|year = 4707

This will produce:

Age of Lost Omens
4702 4703 4704 4705 4706 4707 AR 4708 4709 4710 4711 4712

In the above example, the 'age' parameter is optional. If it is omitted, it will simply not be displayed. Please see the Ages category for a list of suitable age names. It is important to give a valid age name if one is provided, because the template will provide a link to the article about that age.

Overriding Years

When the five immediate past or future years with notable events are not consecutive, you will need to provide manual overrides. Luckily this is not complicated, as in this example.

|age=Crown Wars

This will produce:

Crown Wars
-12000 -11800 -11700 -11600 -11500 -11400 AR -11300 -11200 -11003 -11000 -10900