The Sordaiv

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The Sordaiv

Local (Northern Katapesh)
Degenerate humans

The Sordaiv is unique amongst the tribes that serve the vicious carrion Carrion King for they are the only tribe that is not made up of gnolls, the member of the Sordaiv are quite human. The Sordaiv are an isolated, inbred tribe which has long been estranged from the nomads of central Katapesh who would have nothing to do with gnolls. According to their own legends at some point in the distant past the ancestors of the Sordaiv were greatly wronged by the tribes of central Katapesh and left thus explaining their presence in the inhospitable Brazen Peaks region. Now they have been reduced to consorting with gnolls, serving the Carrion King as desert trackers of notable skill.1


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