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From PathfinderWiki
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Human
Class Cleric 7
Gender Male
Homeland Varisia
Deity Lamashtu

Source: Pathfinder 12, pg(s). 28f.

Thelsikar is a follower of Lamashtu. He received divine guidance about the adventurers from Sandpoint who disrupted his goddess's plans.[1] Recently he has been seen with the dragon Black Fang east of Sandpoint in the Ravenroost hills near an old tower called Raven's Watch.[2][3]


Thelsikar obscures his humanity behind a long, black, hooded robe and a skull-shaped mortuary mask. He wields a bonespur dagger seemingly made from sharpened, humanoid arm bones.[3]


Thelsikar is extremely loyal to his demonic mistress Lamashtu who has 'blessed' him with nightmares and visions for some while. Recently, however, one vision sparked in him a particular passion for power: his vision of draconic fury. Thelsikar is now under the impression that, through him, Lamashtu will gain power as he releases a plague of demonic dragons into Golarion. His association with Black Fang is the beginning of the outworking of this plan.[3]


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