Black Fang

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Black Fang
Black Fang
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Black dragon (young adult)
Gender Male
Homeland The Tors, Varisia
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Source: The Brinewall Legacy, pg(s). 67

Black Fang is a black dragon who, until recently, lived with his older sister Scarhorn on a small island off Varisia's Lost Coast named the Dragon's Punchbowl. He plans to amass enough wealth and power so that he can take back the Punchbowl from his sister.[1] He generally avoids the settlements in the area (such as Sandpoint), not wanting to goad possible dragon-hunters into attacking, although his recent familial troubles have put him a bit more on edge.[2] Black Fang suffers from both a lack of experience and youthful arrogance, which make him by far the most obvious draconic presence around Sandpoint. He has few reservations about hunting near his lair, and each attack upon a farm or wayward traveler brings him one step closer to being hunted by ambitious dragonslayers.[3]


Black Fang has chosen multiple lairs in the area by necessity. After his eviction by Scarhorn, he originally laired in a cave system outside of Sandpoint, supposedly in an old tomb in the nearby Tors.[3][4] After being driven off by a group of adventurers, he reportedly has been seen near an old tower called Raven's Watch in the Ravenroost hills east of Sandpoint in the company of an evil cleric of Lamashtu, Thelsikar.[5]


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