Thileu tree

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The thileu tree (pronounced THIHL-ee-oo)1 is a slow-growing tree.

Thileu bark

Thileu bark is ground up and used as a hot spice for food. Chelish youths claim that snorting the powdered spice will give someone a hallucinogenic reaction, but it really only causes severe pain. If this powder is mixed with water, a paste can be created that causes skin irritation. Varisians are the only ones who know how to cultivate the bark from a thileu tree without killing it. Unfortunately, bark can only be harvested once a year, so only about 50 pounds or so are exported each year, making it very expensive2 at 100 gp per pound.3 Some food and drinks that use thileu bark are the Thileu Lager sold by Jerikal Ashworth of Jerikal's Ales in Katapesh4 and the Reefclaw pasty in Korvosa.3


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