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A corpsefruit tree.

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Trees are common plants that typically have thick wooden trunks, branches, and leaves. Most are simple immobile plants harvested for their materials, such as wood, bark, and sap,1 but some are more complex creatures capable of movement, malice,2 or even sentience.3


A wide variety of tree species exist, with most consisting of a trunk rooted into the ground and many secondary branches above the ground. The woody roots and trunk draw water and nutrients from the ground, often in the form of sap, and leaves grow from the branches to capture sunlight. The trunk is protected by a layer of bark, the appearance of which varies between species.1


Trees can live for many years and reproduce through seeds, the nature of which varies between species and can include cones of pollen or seeds, fruit that contains seeds, flowers, and spores.1 A few rare tree species are carnivorous in nature, such as hangman trees3 and quickwoods.4

Trees are susceptible to diseases,5 and magically blighted trees can sometimes become violent heartrot trees.6

Similar creatures

Arboreals are tree-like sentient beings that resemble humanoids.7

Dryads are humanoid fey with skin that resembles the bark of a specific tree with which the dryad is bonded.8

Leaf9 and pine leshies10 are leshies made from and resembling trees.

Sards are Tane transformed from ancient trees by the Eldest.11

On Golarion

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The flag of Nirmathas bears a tree.

Trees on Golarion provide several resources and are home to many creatures. For example, trees are harvested for wood for crafting and building,12 and their seeds can be processed for oils and fibers.8

Many types of trees grow across Golarion, including:

Magical trees

Types of trees infused with or related to magic include:

Like other plants, trees can be magically awakened.35

Specific trees

The Witchbole, mobile tree fortress of Treerazer.

The Forest Elder in Darkmoon Wood is considered to be the oldest duskwood tree in Andoran and potentially across Avistan.36 The Grand Holt of Absalom is a fig tree believed to be the oldest and largest tree on the Isle of Kortos.37

Iemos is an ancient date tree in the foothills of the Brazen Peaks in Katapesh that appears to be influenced by the fallen hero Jonnaphar Ahallt.17

Struggle is a hangman tree who hunts an old game trail in the Verduran Forest of Taldor.38

Svarýr, also known as the Tree of Answers, is the 300-foot-tall Irriseni home to the norns known as the Harrowing Three.39

The Tree of Souls in Kasai is a cherry tree with healing sap and is considered a sacred site of Tsukiyo.4041

The Tree of the Thousand Eyes is an ancient and massive tree in the Jolizpan Forest of Xopatl believed to have grown from the heart of a chicome coatl killed by the falling Starstone.42

The Witchbole is a giant mobile tree that serves as Treerazer's fortress in Kyonin.43

In the Great Beyond

Even deities enjoy trees.

Types of trees that grow in the Great Beyond include:

Specific trees

The Bleeding Tree of the First World is believed to be where the original jubjub bird sleeps.45 The Silkstring Spire stands atop the tallest tree in the Silkwood of the First World.46

The Penitent Cross of the Promised Land, in the Avernus layer of Hell, is the constantly bleeding willow tree of the archdevil Barbatos.47


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