Those Who Become

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Those Who Become

Followers of a specific philosophy
Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 6

The mechanical Aballonians are divided into two opposing schools of thought – Those Who Wait and Those Who Become. They hold competing views as to their purpose and the role of their creators, the mysterious First Ones. The two philosophies co-operate in some areas, such as in the Automatrix, but conflicts and even wars can sometimes erupt between them, usually over access to resources.

Those Who Become see themselves as the children of the First Ones, who have been left to grow up on their own. One day, they hope to develop sufficiently to leave Aballon and colonise a new world, effectively taking on the role of the First Ones themselves.1

The city of Epoch has become their de facto capital. Those Who Wait strive here to expand and perfect the mechanical brain that they hope will become their god. This entity, also known as Epoch has so far not lived up to their expectations.2


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