First Ones

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First One

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 6-9

The mysterious entities known as the First Ones arrived on the planet of Aballon thousands of years ago, attracted by the planet's rich reserves of metal. They landed their immense spaceships and built nine cities on Aballon that still stand today, now referred to as the Cities of the First Ones. The First Ones abandoned the planet ages ago and have never returned.1


During their time mining Aballon's resources, they created a race of mechanical servants known as the Aballonians. When the First Ones eventually departed, the Aballonians were left behind. Some Aballonians, known as Those Who Wait, continue with their ancient tasks in the expectation that the First Ones will one day return. The other Aballonian faction, Those Who Become, believe the First Ones will never return, but that they will one day effectively become First Ones themselves.1


The First Ones spoke in an information-rich machine language used in certain spells used on constructs.2


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