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Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 58
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This article covers the construct people of Aballon. For their language, see Aballonian sign language.

Aballonians are the self-modifying constructs native to the world of Aballon, the planet closest to Golarion's sun.12


The Aballonians were created millennia ago as a servitor race by the First Ones, who landed on Aballon in their gigantic spaceships to harvest the planet's many mineral resources and take advantage of its proximity to the sun. They ranged from dull giant earth-movers to highly intelligent organizers, but were abandoned on the planet after the First Ones left following centuries of resource harvesting. Alone without their semi-divine leadership, some of the Aballonians simply shut down, others went insane, while a third group made war on each other. After the conflict ended, the remaining Aballonians were left to discover what it meant to be free.1


Aballonians draw all of the energy they need to live from the sun and become sluggish at night or in darkness.21 They exist in a wide variety of shapes, functions, and outlooks, from enormous excavators who mine deep below the surface to small, insect-like predators that cannibalize other machines for spare parts and upgrades. The existing factories where replacements and repairs are made are staffed by hyper-intelligent overseers, mouse-sized messenger bots, and wispy jellyfish-like mechanics and engineers.1

While nearly all Aballonians are capable of making the needed repairs and upgrades to respond to nearly any task, most prefer a simple, crab-like or arachnid form.1


The millions of Aballonians that are still functional have created their own cities, or roam the barren wastelands of Aballon in nomadic bands. Others have reverted to a more animal-like existence, both feral and enlightened.1


The Aballonians have divided themselves into two factions: Those Who Wait and Those Who Become. After millennia of mechanical upgrades, the First Ones are little more than myth, but their memory still holds great sway in both groups. Those Who Wait believes that the First Ones are their true masters and will eventually return to guide them to their true purpose. In the meanwhile, they stockpile supplies and continue their ancient tasks of harvesting resources. Those Who Become do not assign any authority to the First Ones (other than acknowledging them as their creators), and believe that it is their destiny to seed other worlds, thus becoming like their progenitors. Conflict between the two groups can sometimes be fierce, and wars have been fought over valuable resources. Both factions consider the Cities of the First Ones to be taboo, and few individuals ever brave their unknown dangers.1

Relations to non-Aballonians

Most Aballonians are indifferent to travelers from Golarion, although some can be quite predatory, while others might be curious. All are fascinated by divine magic (since they cannot reproduce it themselves, lacking a soul), but will attack anyone who claims to have set foot in one of the cities of the First Ones.1


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